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Breakthroughs in the medical field have revolutionized healthcare and continue to provide patients with unprecedented diagnosis and treatment alternatives. But quality medical care goes beyond science and technology - it’s about human beings who deserve a personal, caring touch. With many doctors today being forced to see thousands of patients, much of personalized healthcare has, unfortunately, been lost to the past. It’s time to go back to the basics. Personal access to our physicians guarantees our patients the availability to today’s miraculous breakthroughs in medicine. Progressive Healthcare Group provides patients with cutting edge medical solutions, along with a human touch.

We provide truly state-of-the-art attentive and individualized medical services to our patients. Each patient will receive unparalleled personal assistance with their medical needs from our exceptional medical and administrative staff. Facilitation of appointments to see specialists, test scheduling, vaccines, and insurance claims assistance are provided by our staff. Our physicians practice evidence-based preventive internal medicine. This special professional arrangement allows our physicians to keep abreast of advancing medicine. Your personal physician will have the time and resources to study you personally and supply the exact medical care you need. Modern-day medicine requires time.

Patient Records

You may view your personal medical information and receive copies. This includes your medical record, your billing record, and other records we use to make decisions about your care. To request your medical information, submit a written request to the Health Information Management Department. If you request a printed copy of your information, we will charge you for our costs to copy the information. We will tell you in advance what this copying will cost. You may view your records at no cost.

Online Patient Forms

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